Jul 31, 2011

Where did the sun go?
Every time we plan a day with the family the weather changes.
but it didn't stop us having a great night.
Having the day off today, as I drank a bit to much Wine.
Worked very hard all week on the kits for Kilkenny, only 2 left to go, and Yes I did change the last one, I just wasn't happy that all the pieces were cut on the cricut, so you wouldn't of been able to repeat it at home if you didn't own a cricut, Clare had a sneak peak and loves the new card design, so I am feeling a bit happier, just need to finish the last 2 kits, only 12 days to go, don't forget to check the WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING LIST.
on my workshop page.
If you need any help or directions please email.
Yvonne xx

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