Aug 26, 2013

todays cards

Hello Everyone looking in
I have been mad busy,this week, arranging my new craft room
I'm nearly there, but still have about 8 boxes of stuff to sort,
Here are few items I made this week.
Anniversary in pink

Anniversary in Blue

This card was for a couples Anniversary,
 who enjoy their villa in Spain, Reading, Bridge, and Gardening

This one was for a lady who loves Stage Shows and Drama

I really enjoyed making these little 
Boxed Decorations
The 3 Sq plaques Decorated with Lace, Decoupage, Fancy buttons,
Flowers and Ribbon

Home Sweet Home
For a dog lover

This one was for a Crafter

My New Workroom in the attic

I'm trilled with it,
But you won't believe it. there still isn't enough shelves.
 I really thought one sided and the back wall shelved would be enough room,
as you can see, all the old shelving came in useful, as well as 8 boxes stilled to be sorted under my work tables.
I just need to get a fan now, as it's very warm up here.

A local carpenter from Bray build the
custom designed shelving for me.
Peter Mc Grath (087)2791333


  1. OMG. The room looks fab. Well deserved. Enjoy! Look forward to seeing it on "Fun Night". Anne

  2. WOW< WOW,WOW! What a transformation! Absolutely fabulous! All you need to do now is keep it that tidy ha ha!!

  3. hi Yvonne your room looks fab well worth the wait Siobhan

  4. Very Jealous! it looks great. Enjoy. Michelle M

  5. Thanks Girls, got my Fan today, makes such a difference,
    see you all soon

  6. Hi Yvonne
    It looks really fantastic. I want one just like it ! Linda

  7. Hi Yvonne. Your room looks fab. Can,t wait to see it. Your lovely box cards has me itching to get going again but will have to wait till tomorrow as I have to get Sean's school stuff ready. Can't remember what classes I'm down to do but will ring in the morning. Aiveen.

  8. Welcome home Aiveen, have missed you, and our long chats, looking forward to catching up on Sunday the 8th,talk soon Yvonne

  9. Hi Yvonne. I couldn't figure out how I missed the cards on your blog that you were talking about last Sunday. Now I see that I headed straight for the pics of your new studio and missed them above! The are beautiful! Really enjoyed the day. Michele is going to love making them up when she returns from the ... SNOW! Yes, she had to abandon her case of t-shorts! Any excuse for a shopping spree!

  10. Oh, I forgot to say I love the new blog design. I always love the rich red golden colours of Autumn.


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