Jul 23, 2013

Hello Crafty People
I've just had over 75000 hits on my blog
just noticed today,
thank you to everyone who stops by to see what I'm doing,
it would be lovely to hear from you, 
so please leave a comment if you stop bye today.
happy crafting


  1. OMG what a lot of hits. I know quite a few of them are from me. Thanks for all the ideas, help and support your blog offers. Anne

  2. I'd say I count for some of them too! I love checking out your tutorials, links, photos and checking out date for our next workshops! Hello world! I'm off to check out the 50% off sale in Cara Crafts. Sorry to hear they are closing down.

  3. Hi Aileen and Anne I can always count on you to say hello,see you both on the 13th,Yvonne xx

  4. Hi Yvonne,

    Sarah and Olive here. Wow you are very popular with all them hits... I like the cards you made for the Butterfly ones. Very nice. Our windows came yesterday and the doors went in today. It's all go here. I won't get down to the class in August as there is still lots going on. I'll email you after, so much to tell you.. Brill news re hits.. Cheers, the Dublin lassies.

  5. Hi Yvonne
    Thats great news. I love checking out your blog. I am going to check out Cara Crafts as its only up the road from me. (Thanks Aileen) See you at our next fun night. kind regards Linda


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Yvonne xx