May 12, 2018

Baby Girl Loaded Envelope

1 more Loaded Envelope to share today, 
this time for baby girl
I changed the envelope design
as I wasn't happy thing were getting crushed in the box style.

Loaded Envelope
Bucket style which as a rounded envelope
this one holds a lot more
I didn't give this one side seams 
instead I just curved the front folds and didn't join them as tight.
I had to make a concertina base, 
so that it expanded to fit the new shape.

Cute little dressed teddy in the one.

I added 2 handmade paper and lace dresses

Back view of the envelope 
which has a pocket for even more goodies

Everything from the front pocket.
handmade toppers, and tags, some baby verses and greetings which are matted and layered with a selection of of Baby die-cuts, pre-cut images, bag of baby tags. bag of lace, bag of ribbon, flowers and bag of embellishments, enough to make about 20 cards, with 2 baby pleated pin wheels, 
a little dress teddy, and 2 handmade paper and lace baby dresses.

image of tags

goodies from the back pocket

pin wheels

back pocket empty

loaded envelope empty
so you can see the shape

not very clear, but overview of bucket
with concertina base

May 11, 2018

Baby Boy Loaded Envelope

Having a bit of Creative fun time
I rarely get time just to be creative for myself.
so have had some fun, I started this yesterday evening about 8.00,
 but got tired so spent another 2 hours this morning finishing it.
Loaded Baby Boy Envelope

Its a box envelope, with extra pockets. 
This one is Filled with Goody Bags, of Toppers, Poems, Greetings, Quotes, Die-Cuts, Embellishments, Ribbon, and Lace, 
 4 handmade Tags. and 2 pretty pleated pin wheels

  there is enough in the envelope to make about 20 cards.

Loaded Envelope swap just started on  

Thanks Yvonne
Loaded Envelope 
with extra Handmade tags

Side view to see depth

Back of Card has extra pocket attached 
to hold even more goodies

Photo of all the little bags of goodies

Loaded Envelope Empty
it has a 3cm deep middle pocket
and a small corner pocket

Side view of 3cm spine

Back of envelope empty

Side spine decorated

Pleated pin wheel with a punched edge

Simple pin wheel

Front and back of the pin wheels. 

May 7, 2018

Satin and Lace padded card
There is a layer of wadding, which is wrapped in Satin fabric, 
then covered with lace fabric.
Finished with a handmade bouquet of foam roses.

Pop- out Oval Aperture
Simple Card  with a pretty decoupaged Peach rose
the surprise is inside

inside view of the pop -out oval aperture card

Raised oval aperture card
This one fits in a box made with 2 sheets of A4 Card
Inside has a pretty vintage child cameo.
with tiny paper roses.
the oval aperture has a gathered lace collar.
and there is acetate behind the Oval.

Pretty Flutterby Fairy
with a gathered Crepe paper band across the middle. 
and Drinking straws