Oct 18, 2014

I used a verse written especially for this card
by Janyce Cotterill

When the tree is decorated,
Christmas decoupage
The lights they sparkle and shine,
It's then we think of our loved ones,
Who so quickly come to mind,
We miss them every single day,
So at this special season we want to say;
Although we are so far apart,
You know you're always in our hearts,
On Christmas day we'll raise a glass,
To wish you lasting happiness,
We'll toast our families and those we hold dear,
Then wish you a wonderful Christmas
and a very Happy New Year.


Story book card.


Triple Frame card

                                           1st page opened

Inside view of card

back view of card


  1. Thanks Yvonne. All the cards were beautiful and it was lovely to catch up with everybody. Shirley

  2. Fab cards Yvonne. A lovely element of surprise in them. Anne

  3. thanks ladies, had a lovely day with everyone, looking forward to Bray now, on the 8th of November.

  4. Gorgeous cards Yvonne. The story book is lovely. Kay xx


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