Jul 19, 2013

Hello everyone from a very hot Kilcoole
Sorry no pictures this week, as I can not find my camera lead to    up load any images, will have a good tidy this evening, 
when I've finished cutting for Sunday.
I am way behind with parties this week.
I think its a nice cold salad for Sunday girls,
as the last thing we need is the oven on while we are crafting
if any of you have a fan, ( that are coming) please can you bring it along, as I have tried everywhere and can't get one.
looking forward to a nice relaxed sparkly day
Yvonne xx


  1. thanks Aileen, your a star, have been trying all day on the internet, but can't find one in stock
    see you Sunday

  2. Hi, If anyone has a fan heater - some of them have a cool blow feature. Kay


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