Jun 2, 2013

I am designing the cards today for my Tuesday morning class, and wanted to add a poem about flowers, and found this one on 

Flowers in the garden
by Hilda Mullinger
The lawn is mowed, the weeds are gone
I got it done while the sun still shone
Now I'll go indoors and have some tea
And put my crafters hat on you see.
I'm going to have a rest to think
Then sit and make a card
I'm sending it for your birthday
So it won't be very hard
Not as hard as gardening
Bending up and down
I made you a card with flowers on
And not a weed in sight can be found.

And this one by
Janyce Cotterill

Flowers in the garden,
Are such a delight to behold,
They brighten up the darkest day,
Once winter has lost it's hold,
So the flowers on this card,
Are sent to you today,
With lots of love and wishes,
On this your special day.

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