Jun 9, 2013

Floral Flutterbys

Cards we made today at my
Floral Flutterby's Class
Aperture Step Tent Card
This is a step card with a 15cm Sq card attached to the back,
 which sits propped open in the middle step.
with an envelope overhang.

Side View

Back of Card

This is how the tent card looks once opened fully

the view shows you how the cards sits in between the tent folds.
This card closes flat and fits a 16cm Sq envelope
Peach Hydrangea decoupaged 
lace and ribbon detail with the prettiest peach butterfies.

Open Gate fold
This gate fold has a wider opening than normal, 
it is 2 x 15cm Sq scalloped cards joined to create a 
C5 landscape gate-fold.

Card closed flat

Side view of card

Card fully opened

Butterfly Blossom
Vintage Gold Version

Butterfly Blossom
Summer mint green and pink version

Floral Flutterby
Handmade Fabric flower, with large butterfly in the centre.
and a handmade vintage style tag.


  1. Hi Yvonne,
    thanks for a great day. All beautiful cards finished in plenty of time. Love them all.
    Lunch as usual fantantic and to be able to eat outside in your lovely garden was a real treat. I think the girls would agree that you should up your rates .......esp when Michael's about! x m

  2. Here here! Congratulations on a fabulous day in Kilcoole! The cards are stunning, the food and weather glorious and as for the local talent..... Already looking forward to the next day out!

  3. You are both in trouble, leave the talent alone, he's all mine.
    thanks for a super day, looking forward to Tuesday evening, it's vintage men's cards,

  4. Hi Yvonne, thanks for another brilliant day. Great to go home with 5 finished cards, each one nicer than the one before. Lunch in the garden was a lovely treat and as for the desert we saw later. Well what can I say. It topped off the day very nicely. See you tomorrow, Aiveen.

  5. Cards are absolutely beautiful Yvonne. XX Kay

  6. sharon collins o reganSeptember 19, 2013 at 12:27 AM

    Fluttering butterfly is this what we r searching for lol

  7. Hi Sharon, No it's an animated butterfly, and I can't understand why everyone can't see it, so I have changed the image, it's in the ame place. I will check on my sons laptop later and post a comment on facebook. Yvonne


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