May 5, 2013

Christening C5 Landscape Card

Bookatrix Card

Padded Trellis Baby girl card

Layered Background with punched detail

1st Birthday Easel card

Side view of easel card

Main card opened on easel

Apologies Ladies
I totally forgot to pick a winner yesterday for the blog candy give away
So I will choose a winner at my class tomorrow


  1. many thanks for a beautiful day the cards were fab and so was your cooking regards siobhan

  2. I can't wait til next weekend!!! The cards look gorgeous Yvonne. Shirley

  3. thanks Ladies, lovely day yesterday,all set for next Sunday, 3 places available if anyone would like to come along.

  4. Thanks for a great day Yvonne! You even managed sunshine and dinner in the garden! I just love the cards :)

  5. Back home and the feet up for the night after a long day but It was as all worth It. Thanks very much Yvonne for another lovely day and the fab cards and lest not forget the lovely lunch. See you next Saturday in Kilkenny. Thanks again.


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