Apr 20, 2013

Camilla's Card Swap

Hi Ladies,
We would like to invite you to join a group CARD SWAP.
How many of us would love to find a handmade card in your post-box instead of the day-to-day bills, just to brighten  up your day? I know I would, and I reckon most of you would too. The point of this swap is not to see who receive the best card, but to exchange skills. You might be the best at making a different folds, or at colouring, stamping, embossing, etc and sharing is what the swap is all about.
So here are the rules:
* If you are willing to play, send me your Name and Address, so the card can be posted to you. Your details will be secured and WONT be posted online anywhere. I will be sorting partners and sending each one of you the address of where you should send the card.
* Our first swap would be a FREE STYLE swap. Any pattern, any sketch, anything that comes to your mind regarding designing the card, and any size. Because this is our first swap, you can create something you are comfort to make. If you find it hard to design a card by yourself and would rather have a sketch/template of what to work from it, please let me know and it can be arranged.
* Cards are to be made in cardstock (220g – the usual). Please send to your partner a card you would be happy to receive. You can add a insert if you wish, or if you wish to leave the card blank so the recipient can use it for a personal occasion, just add a post-it with a message to them. And don't forget to sign the back of your card. It is your creation and it should be signed by the artist :)
* I will be taking names from for the next 2 weeks (til end of the month), and let you know who you should send your card to. After partners are assigned, you have 2 weeks to send the card to the person. We all know that life sometimes gets on the way of our crafting, and if you have any problem in sending the card to your partner, please let us know as soon as you can so I can arrange another partner.
Postage rates have come up a bit last week, normal stamp is now €0.60 for flat envelope up to A5 size, so please keep this in mind when making your card if you are trying to keep your costs down.
Yvonne is helping to spread the word on this exchange and you should send your details to me at camila_lino@hotmail.com or text/call me at 086 2484469.
This will be our first try so bare with me if I don’t reply to you quickly on your enquiries. If it works and if you are all happy with it, then we can make this monthly.
And don’t hesitate in contact myself if you have any queries, doubts or want more information.
Looking forward to hear from you soon!!
Camila Lanigan


  1. Lovely idea love to take part

  2. Hi Ruth you need to get in touch with Camilla to add your details to the list her email address is in the post above.


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