Mar 26, 2013

Hi Everyone

Just thought it was about time, I started a page especially for Card Making on Face Book.
Somewhere, where you can share your hobby, show off your latest creation, and chat about your hobby, share your blog news, and sell any unwanted card making goodies you no longer want. The group is closed, but please feel free to invite friends, everyone is welcome. this would be a great page to share any crafty buys you fine at good prices, Craft Classes or Workshop news, if you read an interesting article about our hobby, or fine a tutorial you felt was of benefit to you, please share it here,
If you have any Card Making questions, pop them on here, and hopefully someone in the group will be able to answer them.
The motto is, if your learn something new share it.


  1. Great idea Yvonne.God bless you energy - It I could only have quarter of it.!

  2. Thanks Shirley
    This time I am hoping ladies in the group will keep it updated. with crafty news.

  3. Hi Yvonne,
    I wanted to join the group there a second ago but it says the page is unavailable =( It is a temporary issue?

    I have my facebook page too to share my stuff


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