Feb 20, 2013

Siobhan Moore, was asking where I got the image for the selection of Vintage Baby cards 
Well I try google first, and if I have no luck, go to pinterest, it takes a while, but I am usually lucky.
Join Pinterest, and then you can open a board to save the images you like.it's very easy,
Here is the link to Pinterest HERE
search Vintage baby images.


  1. Oh ok, thanks. I thought Pinterest was simply a gallery to share your own photos. I'll check it out!

  2. anyone can have a board, and there is no limited to the number of boards you have, so give each board a title, every time you add an image (called a pin) it goes to the front page, so it is seen by any member who is on, once someone re-pins an image from you, they can then choose to follow you, there are some truly beautiful photographs added every day, so well worth a visit to the front page,
    enjoy. Yvonne


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