Feb 14, 2013

26 years ago today my lovely husband Michael
proposed to me
we will be married 25 years this year on the 21st June
He has to work this evening.
So last night treated me to dinner
A meal for 2 from tesco's
(Have to say it was delicious,)
and a new jacket and chocolates this morning.
most of you have met him, he has the patience of a Saint.
running me all over the country to do workshops,
and he never complains, 
So Happy Valentine's Day
to my lovely husband

Hope you all have a lovely evening
what ever you are doing.


  1. We enjoyed Valentine's Day in Paris! Just home now! Can anyone beat that???! Happy St. Valentine's to all! xx

  2. how lovely, Fintan is an old romantic at heart, hope you have a lovely time,

  3. Wow! Two lucky girls but ever 'luckier' boys!!!

  4. That was the very first thing I read on valentines day =)) And it put a big smile on my face!

    Hope you had a fab day!

  5. Hi Ladies, have to agree, we are lucky ladies, hope you both had a lovely Valentine's day also

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  7. Message from Fintan to Yvonne: "Less of the 'old' please!!" Yes, we enjoyed our visit to Disneyland Paris with our two children - how romantic :)

  8. Ah Aileen, I thought it was all roses and Romance for you two lovebirds, didn't realise the Children had gone with you, but Disney land is beautiful, I bet the children had a brilliant time,


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