Jan 13, 2013

Just letting you Know
Have a 25% sale for January
So grab all those lovely flowers I was showing you, at this great discount, have a good luck around the site, I got some Tim Holts inks as well,, they have a great selection of goodies to choose from.

Here is a photo of the packets of flowers
The photo on the site does not do them justice

larger rose 2cm has 40 in the pack 
sale price €2.70 = 6cent each
smaller rose 1.5 cm has 50 in the pack 
sale price €2.63 = 5 cent each
beautiful colours to choose from.


  1. Hi, looking at sneak peeks and can't wait to start. They look amazing. Aiveen.

  2. Thankyou Yvonne for the plug about our sale I will have to get Karl to redo the pics of the flowers. Hope you are keeping well
    Kind regards

  3. thanks Marina,hope you get some business from it, I know I'll be back for more.

  4. hi was wondering where i can get No 21 to put to my daughters birthday cards im just new to this card making so i would so much appreciate any help i can get in getting stuff for my cards ???? marylawlor87@yahoo.com

  5. Hi Mary I sent you an email, but for anyone else Ebay is great for die-cut, try this lady, patch corner crafts
    she has a fantastic selection,
    if you need any more advice please let me know


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