Oct 24, 2012


Hi Ladies
From a very wet and foggy Kilcoole
you all know I love to get comments,
But I got 14 very stupid ones last night, which automatically 
go to spam if you add a link, so they were not published,
My blog is only about Card making, and sharing my hobby, 
with other card makers,
because that person did not leave their name, to the comments, and removing there IP from my feed list, their comments have all been removed. if they really like card making they would of joined as a follower or left their name.

So please keep the comments coming, but if you sign in as Anonymous, please leave you name. and don't add links to other sites. if you would like you craft blog or shop mentioned I am very happy to add you the the lists in the right hand column.
Many thanks  

As you noticed Mr No name
That comment didn't come through either.
this person is leaving links to unsafe sites.
which will not be posted.


  1. Hi Yvonne, You sound as if you're having some nit-wit annoying you. Hopefully they won't stay to long. Looking forward to Sat. Aiveen.

  2. Hi Yvonne, looking forward to tomorrow. Won't let me make a comment on workshop page. Can you put me in draw from here. Pat (Long).

  3. Hi Pat will do,
    see you tomorrow


Thank you for your comment, I really appreciate, you taking the time to leave one. and will do my best to answer every one.
Yvonne xx