Sep 26, 2012

I'm having a mad moment
Got up this morning spent 2 hours cleaning, Chicken in the oven,
just phoned Nancy to see what time she's coming for lunch, 
and it's tomorrow,
I was convinced it was Thursday. 
so I have a whole day extra this week
My crafty mind needs a rest,
Back to packing for me,
It's not my day off till tomorrow
I blame the Rain.
Yvonne xx


  1. You poor thing! At least Michael has a nice dinner waiting for him :) Now, if you ever make a mistake like that again, just stick it up here in your blog and we'll all turn up! You won't even need to clean the house... it's only us!!

  2. God how stupid am I, I made tonight dinner last night, Beef hot pot, for Michael, to save me time today, I am now so organised, I won't know what to be doing with myself, just finished last card, so I can now start bagging up the embellishments for each kit, still waiting on a beautiful candy cane, from Chins, but I'm not giving up hope yet, there's still 9 days to go.
    really looking for to next week,
    Yvonne xx

  3. We all have those mad moments Yvonne, dont worry. Blame the stress and it is alright.


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