Sep 9, 2012

Handmade Cards for Farming Theme

Card 1
A Farmers Prayer
C5 Step Easel card

Turorial Added 21/05/2013 HERE

Card 2
A Farmers Blessing
C5  Concertina Book Card

Side View

Book Card open

 Concertina Card extended

            Turorial Added 21/05/2013 HERE

Card 3. Teen Girl
C5 Card
Images from Crafts-u-print

Turorial Added 21/05/2013 HERE

Card 4.Teen Boy 
C5 Easel card
Images from Simply Sumara by Gillian Hutchinson 

Side View
Turorial Added 21/05/2013 HERE

Poems for all card added to my verse page HERE


  1. Hi Yvonne, If you were into farming you would love any one of these cards. They are quite amazing as per usual. Looking forward to another great evening tomorrow. See you then, Aiveen.

  2. hi yvonne the farming cards are beautiful Siobhan


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