Jul 13, 2012

A4 size card for someone retiring  
who likes Vintage Cars, Golf, Wine, and his Dog
where else could you get a card like this 
only from someone who shares my hobby.
You would never find a card like this in a shop.

21st Card
Letters cut on my cricut

21st Card for the same girl
I had 6 to make, 
and did shoes and handbags on the other one's. and was running out of ideas
so my Cricut is getting a bit of work this week.


  1. These are beautiful Yvonne, great for 21st or 18 birthday's. What cartridge did you use for the No.s and letters please. I haven't found any practical alpha's yet that I would use to write names like that.

  2. The picture unfortunately does not do justice to your 'retirement card'. I saw it in reality and the richness of it and quality was something else. it was such a striking card it would certainly stand out among all the rest. It's a card that will be treasured forever I'm sure and one that will bring a great deal of pleasure to the recipient.

  3. Hi Mary it's the Gypsy Font cartridge which only comes with the gypsy.it's the reason I bought the gypsy,and also because I can weld the letters/ numbers together,
    the lady who ordered the retirement card was very pleased with it,
    I am working on the miniature dresses for my French Chic workshop, and am over the moon with how they have turned out, I bringing them to Carlow, as my Mum was a dress maker, and hope between us we can design a wedding dress, I want to keep them a suprize, so wont share them, until the day of the class,you will be so hooked, and will see paper and ribbon in a truly different light,
    thank for sorting the oval doilies, see you on the 12th of August
    Yvonne xx


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