Jan 3, 2012

My First 2 cards of the year


  1. Hi Yvonne. Lovely cards. The pansies look very vivacious! As regards Fr. David, I'm sure he was over the moon with his card! I'm working on one of your kits at the moment that I got at your Newtown Mount Kennedy workshop with the men's themes. This one has horses and racing post ads. Unfortunately I don't have any instructions. By any chance, are they somewhere on the blog? I already searched the workshop page but couldn't see anything from that particular day. If you can't help, don't worry, I'll cut out and paste on in my own way! Happy new year!

  2. Hi Aileen the card was called
    Off to the Races
    here is the link
    See you soon
    Yvonne xx

  3. Happy New Year Yvonne,may it be a healthy and a crafty one

    Mary Walshe


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