Oct 24, 2011

Well isn't it the most awful day,
what a storm yesterday, and the rain is coming down in bucket fulls.
I have started putting the samples together today for my next workshop in Kilkenny
so should have photo snippets to share later in the week, 
I dropped my camera a few weeks ago, so went out and bought a new one on Monday,
it's different settings to my old one, so will take a while for me to sort it out. below are some cards 
I have been working on  this morning.
This card is for a couple expecting twins as they don't know what sex the babies are I chose lemon and green, 
with a lovely poem inside, found on google.
Ten little fingers, ten little toes,
Two chubby cheeks and a cute button nose.
Put these all together and multiply by two -
What a lot of blessings
are on the way to you!
Pink and blue, yellow and green,
All colours for babies yet unseen.
This time it’s twins, isn’t that fine
2 babies on which the stars will shine.

This one was for a lady who had passed her exams in Herbalism  
and found images associated with herbalism on google images

This A4 card is for an 18th Birthday
the girl is into ballet, and I had the cute ballet shoes 
in my box of charms,


  1. Hi Yvonne, Just checked in on your site and lovely to see your latest cards to brighten up an otherwise dreary day. I partiularly like the one with the herbs. Well done. Anne

  2. thanks Anne, the weather is getting me down, I am fed up with the dark days, no proper sunlight, to cheer us up, roll on the weekend, I am heading down to Carlow to a lovely Spa hotel for a day of relaxation, and lunch out, followed by dinner out in the evening, can't wait.

  3. Hi Yvonne, once again your cards are just so lovely. I like the one with the herbs but the 18th birthday one with ribbons and lace gets my vote. Maybe I'm more girly than I thought:-)


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