Aug 31, 2011

Hi Everyone
I had a phone call from Mathew  from
About the cost of the 160gsm paper I had been buying, I had changed suppliers as the cost of the paper had gone up from about €9.00 to €27.00, plus vat.
it was still showing in my wish list, so he wanted to know why I hadn't placed my normal order, he was surprised to hear about the large increase in price so said he would check it out, there was an error on their pricing, so it has now been changed to €10.71 plus vat, still making this the best value and best quality paper for printing your own Decoupage  sheets, this is the direct link to the paper. HERE
Hope this helps everyone out


  1. Hi Yvonne, got back home last night around 1am. Just in time for Sean to go to school this morning. Looking at all you have been up to and I don't know how you do it all. The cards our great and all the workshops are days I'm really looking forward to. Back to card making with an order for 11.30am. Can't wait to get started again.See you Wed. and we'll catch up, Aiveen.

  2. Missed you over the summer, looking forward to our catch up,


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