Apr 19, 2011

Cards for tomorrows Class

Envelope Card,
I got a card very similar to this from
Mary O Leary for my birthday 2 years ago,
and made my own template, to share.
Please email me here if you would like a copy of my template

Double Tri-fold Cascade Card
We will add a greeting and some butterflies to this card, I have added a 15cm Embossed Card to the back of this card so that we can add an insert.
This card is made from 1 sheet of A4 card, I am also doing this Card at the Kilkenny Workshop on the 14th of May, but in a different style, so I'm saving the template untill after the workshop, and will show it as a tutorial.

Box Aperture Lace Card
Flat petal cluster flower was found on a tutorial
at Amazing Paper Grace, it's so simple you'll love it.

Blue Bird Concertina Fold Card
Very simple card but the Beautiful Art work from Kanban really make this one.

All links are in the right hand column
If you have any questions about my cards or where I get my crafty bits from please email me,

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