Aug 13, 2018

Breakfast at Tiffany's Loaded Envelope

Another Loaded Envelope to share 
this one has a Breakfast at Tiffany's Theme
so I went with a Blue colour scheme and use some
 Audrey Hepburn images to decorate.

Paper Handbag filled with goodies
I put a pearl necklace and blue scarf inside the handbag as a gift
and filled the box with  Handmade Tags
Handmade flowers, Stick pins, Die cuts with a tea theme,
Matching backgrounds, and quotes so the recipient can make the  tags into cards. 

The sides and base of the handbag have a concertina design,
so that the handbag expands

The Handle was made from a pleated Ribbon plait 

Some of the goodies 

Handmade paper and lace flowers

Stick pins

Handmade Lace Flower

A Decorate tag

A flower Arrangement for a card or box.

3 more handmade Tags

 Handmade Tag

This one is on the way to
Wendy Everall
in the Uk

August Cards

Wedding card 8 by 8 inch
Pink and Gold colour scheme. with decoupage roses 

Single gate fold 8 by 8 inch Anniversary
in Burgundy, Cream and Gold

overview of Anniversary card

All white Wedding 8 by 8 inch 

Anniversary card 8 by 8 inch
in Chocolate, Gold  and Cream

Aug 12, 2018

August open day cards

The cards below were Demonstrated at my open day
On the 8th of August
I auctioned them off on Facebook
and raised 30.00 for the Five Loaves
many thanks Mary Delaney the winning bid.
Lilac and mint green Decoupage.
Image from Crafts u print

Pink and White card
image from crafts u print, I didn't add the decoupage layers,
so I made a lace rosette and added 
some foamiran flowers I had made earlier

Anniversary Card\this is an old topper from Kanban,
the last one from a Charleston Set
and finished with lace leaves and handmade foamiran flowers\
and a double white and pink bow.

8 by 8 inch single gate fold
Decoupage topper from crafts u print

Cream and gold
Decoupage from Crafts u print

Chocolate cream and gold
image from crafts u print

White and gold
image from crafts u print.

I didn't add inserts or greeting to these Cards
so that the winner could personalise then